Cashback Casino Policy (EU) for Affiliates




The privacy policy on this site applies to everyone who uses and the subpages, as well as to those who are our affiliates or communicate with us in any way. If you use any of our group gaming sites for online gambling a different policy applies to you.


For the purpose of this privacy policy all Cashback Gaming companies and legal entities will be called ‘us’ or ‘we’.  The main purpose of this privacy policy is to explain to you the process of collection, processing and storing of your personal data. “Personal data” is all the information that identifies you as a person and can be used on its own or in combination with other information.






Retention** when using our site

Pseudonym info about how you use our site

Improving the user experience

For as long as we need to obtain our goal (‘cookies’) when interacting with our assets

The data you fill in the forms on our site

Improving our relationship with our users

For as long as we need to obtain our goal. For email subscriptions until you unsubscribe from the mailing list

Emails from our users

All records of correspondence between us and our users

To get in contact with our users and answer all their questions

Depending on the type of correspondence, as long as we need to manage the relationships

Contact information our users leave when they want to become an affiliate

User names, email address, date of birth, name, country, place of residence, tel.number and financial information

To ensure the security of your information, fulfill our AML legal requirement and improving our relationship

As long as our relationship lasts and up to  years after (for financial records).


*Note: In addition to the purposes mentioned before, your personal data can be used as stipulated by laws and regulations.


**Note: We can also keep your information for a longer period of time if it’s required from us according to the law, to resolve legal disputes and prevent abuse and fraud. We may also keep some of your personal data (anonymous derivatives) for business analytic purposes.




In the process of analyzing your personal data in order to improve and manage our relationship with you we have a lawful basis to do so as stipulated in our contract with you and/or your employer. Furthermore, we rely on your consent as well that you give during the application process. When you interact with our website and use it, your consent is our lawful basis.



We can only share your personal information in select cases, such as:

when you give us your consent

when it’s necessary for the website provider (third-party internet providers)

when it’s necessary to get in contact with you (third-party email providers)

when your personal information is completely anonymous and there’s no chance that you’re identified personally from it.

when the laws and regulations permit it.

when we have to comply with legal requirements in order to enforce our terms and conditions or protect the rights, property and safety of Cashback Gaming Group.

when our company or group’s assets are sold or we have to start corporate restructuring.

Every third-party that has purchased assets from the Cashback Gaming Group will have the right to continue to use your personal data as stipulated in this privacy policy. Aside for these instances, we will not share your personal data with no other party.



Our website, as all other websites, uses cookies to ensure best performance. Cookies are small text files we store on your browser and smartphone, computer or laptop whenever you use our site. We use cookies so that we can better understand your needs and enhance your experience. You can read all about adjusting the cookie settings in your browser’s reference information.


We use the following cookies:


Website cookies – These are the cookies we use to remember a player’s choice regarding the privacy policy and terms and conditions. They store your user preferences.

Universal Google Analytics – These are the cookies that collect and store data about the number of visitors. We use this information to make reports on how to improve our website and we collect them anonymously.


Performance cookies – These are the cookies that collect information on the way our players use our site. They’re about error messages and most visited sites but they don’t contain visitor identifying data. The data they collect is completely anonymous and only used to improve our website.

Functionality cookies – These are the cookies that collect and store information about your choices so that you can have a more personalized experience next time you visit our site. They may show you info about the weather in your town or traffic info, as well as remember font changes and so on. They’re also anonymous and can’t be used to identify you.


Targeting cookies – As the name suggests, targeting cookies are used to show you ads that may interest you. They’re usually done by ad companies with our permission. They usually remember when you use a site and share this information with other ad companies.


Necessary cookies – These are the cookies that enable your smooth navigation through our site, including our secure areas. If you don’t enable these cookies you will not have access to e-billing services and shopping carts.



The Cashback Gaming Group is a multinational group so it’s possible for your personal information to be transferred, stored and hosted somewhere outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Your personal information may also be processed by employees outside the EEA who work for us of our affiliates.

We guarantee that we take every necessary measure so that your personal information is treated in compliance with our privacy policy and terms and conditions.



We have safeguards in place to protect your personal information against unlawful distribution, destruction, modification and use. Your personal data will be limited to just those who need to know it and every party that will access it will do it in a safe and secure manner, completely confidential. However, the Internet is not a completely safe place so we can’t guarantee that the data you provide on our website will not be altered, disclosed or accessed via a breach in our safeguards or in any other manner. We will still follow all the rules and notify you if and when something like this occurs.



You can contact us on our website to:

ask us to remove, correct or modify your personal data

ask for a copy of the data we have stored about you

ask us not to use your personal information

object to any decision that has been made automatically but concerns you legally

You can contact us if you plan on exercising any of these rights through the proper channels. You will have to provide a proof of identity and address and list the information you require.



For any additional questions, complains or comments please write to us: